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Beth was an attendant on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles when it happened. A plague of some sort killed not only every man on the plane but seemingly every man on the planet, and Beth was forced to try to land the plane herself.

She wasn't successful.

After surviving the plane's crash-landing, she took up residence in St. Bernadette's Church in Cooksfield, California, where she recently met Yorick, the only living male she's seen since that fateful flight two years ago. Their time together was a brief and memorable mishmash of surprises, confessions, unprotected sex, those goddamn amazons, magic tricks, and nearly getting killed. But in the end, he left to continue his journey alone.

Beth is about 5'6" with green eyes and short, slightly shaggy blond hair. One may consider her quite pretty if s/he can get past the long, pink scar that cuts its way under her eyes and across her nose.

[Beth is taken from shortly after issue #25.]

repent or burn

Beth is a character from "Y: The Last Man," a comic written by Brian K. Vaughan and published by Vertigo. I don't have any claim to her and certainly don't make any money from this; I'm just playing dress-up at [info]milliways_bar.

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