Jun. 30th, 2006

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Hair partially up in a hopeless ponytail, sweats on, big shirt stretched over her belly, Beth finally sits there on the church floor, a damp rag in her hand, and lets her shoulders sag.

"This is fucking ridiculous."

And she knew that a few hours ago when she started, too, but now that she's done polishing all the pews, she can acknowledge it out loud.

On one hand, it's not like she had anything better to do.

On the other hand, she's done more cleaning in here in the past two days than she had in the whole two years of living here before she ever got to the bar.

Balling her rag up, she tosses it onto the altar in one clean shot and leans back on her hands. She figures all that movement rocked the baby to sleep in there, and she just doesn't have it in her to do any more cleaning right now.

She also doesn't have it in her to stay locked up in this church for another goddamn minute.

Carefully, she puts both hands on the pew in front of her and pulls herself up off the floor. All she's been doing for the past week is testing the doors and peeking out, daylight or not, and never leaving the doorway. Tonight that's going to change.

It's dark out. Really dark. It has to be around midnight, and it's either go out there in the fenced-in churchyard and get some much-needed fresh air or stand for being caged in the walls of the church one more night.

The back door unlocks with a heavy little click, and she can actually feel a light breeze almost as soon as she pulls open the door. It's just seconds before she's out in the churchyard between a granite angel and a cross, her arms folded over her chest, her face tilted up to the sky.

It'll rain soon.

I've had a few moments in the rain.

She can feel it in the air.

What kind of moments in the rain are we talking about?

And it feels better than anything she's felt all week.


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