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This shirt is a good one; she likes it a lot. It's not Venusian Vanilla -- it's even paler than that, almost off-white -- but she likes the way it fits. She likes the way it looks.

She likes the way it smells.

Yeah, this shirt is definitely hers. It's important that it stays with the rest of Spike's clothes and gets worn by him from time to time, but she's staking her unofficial claim on this one tonight.

It's something she hasn't been able to do since she lost that button-down of his when she left St. Bernadette's with Hero, and doing it now gives her this smug feeling of triumph.

From the bathroom, her teeth newly brushed and breath minty fresh, she quietly pads down the hallway -- not a peep from Junior's room -- and to the bedroom.

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Despite the conventional wisdom that says if a person immerses himself in a foreign country he'll become proficient at the language, he'll never fucking learn to speak French. Maybe that's because he's been in hiding for so damn long, or maybe it's because he's shit at other languages to start with. Sure, he knows enough Japanese to get into trouble, and enough Mandarin to have impressed Mao way back when. But he's never considered that to be a strength of his.

Junior, however, is a different story. She's a mimic and every now and then he swears he hears a bonjour or je suis Bethjoonya from her, but he could be making that up. At the moment she's not saying anything anyhow; she's sound asleep. He knows: he checked on her while Beth was getting ready for bed.

The curtains here are drawn and the light's down low. This place is so damn great. It's out of the way. He hasn't had to wear that cloak in weeks, although he sometimes does put it on for an advanced game of peek-a-boo with their little aijou. But that's just for fun, not out of necessity. He... likes playing with his Beths better when he's not mostly invisible anyway.

Kind of like now. Beth looks fucking fantastic in that shirt; he's always liked it when she's worn his stuff. It makes him feel all kinds of smug and even better, he likes that his clothes smells like her when he takes them off her.

"Hey, Slim." Flicking on his lighter, he sets the flame to the candle on the bureau. Might as well set the mood and be ready in case the variable power that feeds this place goes out. "Anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?" A smile wants to play over his face but he does his best to keep that little bastard under control. "Because if they haven't, I've got a whole list of things I could tell you and there's not a damn thing on the list that qualifies as cheating."

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"Like one of these?" Hell, if that isn't a clear and open invitation to touch her, he doesn't know what is. "Now tell me again: which one has to feel bad because it's labeled as the cheat: breast number one or breast number two?" His hands go to her chest like they're still doing that daily weigh-in from a couple years ago. He knows she was uncomfortable as hell during that pregnancy, but it had its perks for both of them.

Not all the perks were cheats on lists or suggestions from books, but he's an opportunist and can't help it if he wanted to take advantage of everything he could. That's... what opportunists like him do. Like sneaking out of the bar at the end of the universe for an unplanned visit with his woman and daughter. It's not his fault the Israeli army chose that day to plow down his return door... but in so many ways, as tough as it's been, he's so glad it happened that way. He can see himself back at the bar if that hadn't happened, all bitter and miserable and alone, no fun to be around, cursing at kids under his breath, kicking dogs, drinking too much. Huh. That sounds like someone else he knows. But he'll think about that some other time.

At least this journey's slimmed him down and put him in great physical shape and, like any good opportunist, he takes advantage of that very thing right now to literally sweep Beth off her feet. It's something he rarely does, although he's more than strong enough to carry her any time but she's an independent girl and prefers to be on her own two feet.

What the hell. Once he's got her in his arms, he swings her over to the bed and doesn't quite put her down yet. No, there's an order of business to take care of first. Leaning down, he gives that beautiful minty-fresh smile of hers one hell of a kiss.

And then he sets her down and joins her on the bed. "Love you, Slim. In fact, I'm kind of crazy about you."

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That's one of the easiest requests he's ever had, and it's one he's only too glad to fulfill. Things haven't been easy since they left the bar. There's been a lot of long stretches of days and nights without any contact other than the briefest touch of a hand in reassurance and he still can't believe Natalya and Ciba never knew he was there. He's sure Vlad did, but kids are different. They see shit adults ignore.

None of them are here now, though, and he gets right to work unbuttoning that shirt she's wearing.

"Hey. This is my shirt." He says it as if it's some big surprise but ever since he's known Beth she's had a liking for his clothes. It's kind of nice, makes him feel like he's with her even when he isn't. If they ever get back to that snooty asteroid clothing store -- not fucking likely, but if they do -- he's going to get her a lifetime's supply of those Venusian vanilla shirts.

Get them a lifetime's supply. But hell, this is Paris, the home of high fashion. If it's ever safe for him to just walk into a tailor's shop, he can have them made right here.

Some other day, though. At the moment, his hands are pretty damn busy.

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"Just like that." As that last button comes undone, he grins over at her. This is sweet: they haven't had regular nights like this in a while and it's a treat. His hand might just have slipped to slide between that shirt of his and her skin.


Yeah, purely unintentional slip of his hand there but now that the deed's done, what the hell's he supposed to do, take it back? No, that would be silly. Or thiwwy, as Junior would say and for just a moment he stops, tilts his head toward the door, and listens carefully. Nope, nothing but the sound of a little girl breathing so steadily she can't be anything but asleep.

It's a pretty beautiful sound. Nothing to do but take advantage of the situation. It's what he does, and he's been doing it his whole life. Even in France, at a time when he's not even supposed to have been born. What the hell. It's just time travel, right? Leaning over, he does what he's been waiting for this whole night: he kisses that smug little grin on her face and this time, it's with a lot more intention than the last kiss... and that was a pretty damn good one, as far as he's concerned.

"So, Slim. Looks like we have the night to ourselves."

It's just an observation.

"Want me to button that shirt back up for you, or do I get to leave it the way it is?" Either way, his hand isn't going anywhere.

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Love is such a damn funny thing. For the longest time he didn't believe in it. After that day Julia didn't show up, he lost a hell of a lot of faith in everything, and he lost it for a good long time. Then when he finally did see her again, he got a little taste of apology along with her explanation and then, as fate would have it, she died and then as fate would have it he ended up at the end of the universe, and so did Beth, and he started to believe in love again.

He doesn't have to rehash what it was like when Julia showed up at the bar and died in his arms again, and he doesn't have to rehash what it was like when he and Beth were separated and he went back to Mars and Julia died in his arms for a third time. By that time all he wanted was to get back to Beth. Either that or end it all, but he wanted to get back to Beth even more and he did. He made it, and so did she, impossibly enough. So there wasn't a chance in hell he was going to miss the opportunity to follow her out here, even if he never intended on staying this long.

Better to be with her than without her, and shit, that's on his mind tonight. He can think of better things to think about, like the eagerness in this kiss and the fact that she doesn't want those buttons done again, and there's not a damn thing in the whole universe better than spending time with Beth.

It's not his fault he's opportunist enough to let his kiss trail down from her lips to her chin to her neck, then back up again. Smiling against her mouth, he lets out a little laugh. This sort of thing is a luxury they haven't had in a long, long time.

"You know, Beth. I take requests."

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That qualifies as a request and it's one his hand is only too happy to fulfill: under her clothes is its favorite place to be and he swears listing both breasts separately wasn't cheating. He doesn't have a favorite; they're both great. And they both get equal attention both now and always. In fact, the only reason his hands leave her chest at all is to slide that shirt of his -- hers -- off her shoulders because those shoulders are perfect and rounded and each one is so strong and capable and hard-working that it deserves a kiss, and another, and another because both he and Beth know things go better in threes.

Beth tastes good. She always has, and it's not like he sits around thinking about how people taste, but it's something he's always noticed with her. Like honey, she's sweet and he can't get enough of her. It doesn't matter where they are: they've had fun in Paris and on Mars and Venus and the end of the universe. Hell, they've had fun in zero gravity -- wouldn't that be a kick to do again, and wouldn't it also be a hell of a kick to introduce Junior to zero-g? -- in short, they haven't let too many places get in the way of togetherness.

The way he feels about Beth isn't like the way he feels about anything or anybody else. There's a simplicity to it that's breathtaking, but on the other hand it's complicated. But it's complicated in a way that doesn't feel like entanglement. It just feels... hell if he knows. Deep. Like it's the right thing, but he doesn't have to describe exactly what the right thing is. Like he's both falling and being caught.

Yeah, he loves the hell out of her. This time when he kisses his way down, he doesn't stop at her neck. Especially seeing as how there's still no sound from Junior's room, and he stops listening for her with one ear and turns all his attention to his woman. And, at the moment, to her body.

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Every now and then at night -- it's not a very common occurrence -- they'll hear the soft sound of women's voices as they pass by on the street. They're far enough from Paris that it's pretty much a rarity, but it does happen once in a while. Maybe his hearing's just a hell of a lot better these days because it's trained to listen for sounds from Junior's room but really, he's always been pretty damn adept at being aware of his surroundings. He remembers that time he and Beth took the Venus shuttle and caught that bounty head, the guy who used to be Syndicate and took off with the goods. What the hell was his name? Robertson, something like that. He did a damn good job of fooling that guy into thinking he was just asleep.

Beth's way smarter than that. She knows that just because his eyes are closed right now, that doesn't mean shit. He's as awake and aware as ever and it's a damn good thing he's not trying to fool her. Tonight, there are no sounds from outside, no sounds from down the hall. Just the thump-thump of Beth's heart, the slight sound of her breathing, the almost noiseless way her skin passes over his when she lets her fingers and toes walk his body. For all the years they've been together, he's never gotten tired of moments like this one. They're so intimate, so personal. One of these days he'll sit down and really map out time, see how much longer they have left on his ten-year contraceptive. But he sure as hell won't do it right this minute.

Now's for relaxing, for pressing tiny kisses to the edge of her jaw, for nestling against her. It's also for reaching down and pulling up the sheet so it covers them both. It's not a warm night but the little stove keeps the house toasty. There are reasons this is a great fucking place to have. One of those reasons is tucked away behind a little half-door at the back of the hall closet. Maybe one of these days they'll use it but if they never do, that's okay. As long as he's with Beth and Junior, that's what matters.

"Mmmm." It's a sound of approval, of satisfaction, of love, and a little bit of devotion. It's also entirely unnecessary; Beth knows how he's feeling. But it never hurts to voice it, even if it's little more than a purr. "Love you, Beth Durand." Still joined at the hip, he pulls back just enough to kiss those lips of hers lazily but thoroughly.

As far as he's concerned, all nights ought to be this good. Funny how things work out. With Beth, they are.

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"Oh yeah?" He's still too comfortable to shift a whole lot as she says it, but he's definitely interested, definitely curious. At the same time he's not going to get his hopes up: she's told him -- not in so many words, but she's still made it perfectly clear -- that she doesn't want to risk not being able to get back here if they go through that little door. Hell, if he wasn't so damn hung up on her and Junior he'd try it and his age-old mantra of whatever happens happens still applies... but he knows only too well what it's like to be without her -- without them -- and that's one risk he really doesn't want to take.

And to think that for a while out here, he'd stopped thinking about doors. That ought to teach him a lesson or two. But as Faye was always fond of telling him, he's a lunkhead and maybe those lessons don't come so easy or stick like they should.

That's all well and good; the fingers on his right hand trail over Beth's collarbone gently. "How was the closet?"

No words get put in her mouth, even if he knows what he thinks he'd like to hear.

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"Kind of does," he has to agree. A number of thoughts cross his mind now, everything from fuck, I feel so good right now, why are we talking about closets to can't let Junior in there by herself, she's a curious little shit, no telling what might happen to you tempted?

He sure as hell is, but this is Beth's call to make. She has to do what she thinks is right for Junior and she's said she thinks it's important for her to be around Yorick. His opinion might differ -- he happens to think a place with a different mix and a different set of opportunities would be real good not just for Junior but for all of them -- but it's not his call.

"It's strange, Beth. I've checked that closet more times than you probably know." Or maybe not; she's pretty damn observant. "That little door opens and shuts just fine every damn time. The only question is if we ever want to do anything about it." Anything from boarding it up to walking through. He'd like to at least get Tom's cloak back to him, because he promised he would. But not if it means going without Beth and Junior. He's had his fill of that, thanks.

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Against her, he shrugs. "It's a temptation, that's all." Slowly, luxuriously, and intentionally, he kisses those soft lips of hers because they're there and because he really doesn't want to think about what to do about the closet right now. It's not up to him.

"And I'm not going through it without you and Junior. So it's a moot point."

Rolling over, he rests on his side and lets his hand travel over her. He loves her. "You know, Slim, I've always been two things: an opportunist and a fatalist. I figure whatever happens happens, whether I like it or not. But I also figure things this way: if I have the opportunity to choose -- fatalist or not -- I'm going to grab the hell out of it. And what I choose is to stay with you. Hell if I know where it's going to take us but so far, it's taken us to some pretty interesting places. You hear me complaining?"

A little grin tugs at the corners of his lips; he dips forward for one more kiss. One more, hell: one more for right now, for right this minute.

Later comes with the promise of more.

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"No, no, no." One more time. "No. I feel like I kind of paid my dues getting here, Slim. It'd be a hell of a thing to throw that away for a visit to a bar. And besides." There's always something else. "Why go there? What I want most is right..." (One kiss.) "...over..." (A second.) "" The third kiss is like the punctuation mark on the point he's trying to make. He's said the words enough: anywhere with you, Slim. Anywhere at all, anywhere in the whole damn universe. Hell, he's got them memorized and he can practically say them in French.

But if she ever changes her mind...

"Anyway, France isn't bad. They have good grapes here." And good grapes were always a rarity on Mars, and even more of a rarity in deep space. Hell, he's even getting used to Gitanes and Gauloises. His fingertips trace over her eyebrows, her cheekbones, her scar. Temptation looks good on her, but shit. She looks good in everything.

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"Hell, Slim, we could grow them in the yard. Grapes and tobacco. It's not the Bahamas, but it's pretty damn great." At least until someone discovers there's a man living here. But if there's one thing he's learned it's that people don't see what they don't expect to see. They just don't look for the impossible in the everyday and he can't blame them.

At least it makes his life easier. Ask him again in a couple years, but for now? He's good with it.

The house is absolutely still and the only reason he moves is to blow out that candle so they don't burn the place down by mistake. And once he's back in bed, blankets pulled up, arms wrapped around his woman, he lets out a contented little sigh.

"Hey. Slim. Listen to that."

It's the sound of... nothing. Junior's still fast asleep, and that... well, it's exactly where they ought to be too. If there's a second thing he's learned, it goes something like this: get it while you can.

Whatever it turns out to be.

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Damn it, they're so precious. He could lie here and watch the two of them all day.

"Grapes, huh?" He was really only kidding about that last night when he said they could grow them but now, by light of day, his fuzzy memory reminds him that this is grape country. Maybe they really could.

Yeah, he'd make a hell of a vintner. He'd be so happy with a grape orchard hiding their house from the street.

Their house: how fucking weird is that? For a long time they joked about that little house on Venus but it was always pretty much just a joke, really. And like the best jokes, it was self-deprecating because it had its basis in this very real desire, although he never would have admitted it to himself. He wouldn't settle down. He wouldn't be playing dad to another guy's kid. He wouldn't stay in some domestic situation when a whole damn universe of adventure's ripe for the taking on the other side of a closet door.

But he's done all those things and it hasn't hurt him at all. It's great; it's exactly what he wants to do even if that closet does call his name every once in a while. Hell, he knows how to weigh his options. He knows how to figure out exactly what's important.

Sitting up in bed, he pats the empty space next to him. "Hey, you two. Come on over here for a while. Junior, I've got a little story to tell you."

Grapes can wait and little Beth's nod is quick and wide-eyed and almost solemn. "Story?" She looks at Beth with such pleading in her eyes. "Mama, please?"

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