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The sky is dark. A rumbling storm looms over the city.

After a sleepless night spent tracking down Beth Deville, an encounter with Alter, Beth Junior almost getting kidnapped, and Spike needing two sets of stitches, she half expected to fall asleep as soon as she had a chance to lie down.

No such luck.

Not knowing Alter's goddamn army is out there in this very city, chasing after Yorick. Not knowing Hero and Nat and the other Beth are out there hoping to find Yorick without running into Alter.

Hero doesn't even have her gun now. Nat's rifle is the only real weapon they have. Maybe Beth Deville could sic Ampersand on anyone who gives them trouble, but she kind of doubts that'll happen.

Junior's young and resilient and tired enough to sleep right through the distant thunder, even with the window open. She only makes an occasional half-murmur as she shifts in her sleep, and that's a little bit of a comfort. Spike, on the other hand, seems to only be resting a little better than she is.

Eventually she'll put her head on the pillow again and sleep will actually overtake her. Probably a deep exhausted sleep, and she won't wake up until either Junior cries or someone -- Hero, just returned, or possibly Ciba or, if worse comes to worst, one of Alter's crew -- opens the bedroom door.

When she hears Spike rising from the bed, she doesn't chide him, and when he comes up behind her and wraps an arm around her, she doesn't complain.

He's here, and little Beth's here. Ciba and Vlad are asleep -- or making the effort to be -- down the hallway. The Barak Spike gave her so long ago is sitting on her bedside table, thanks to the women of Paris for not stealing her diaper bag or the baby carriage from the alley while she was literally tied up.

If the others don't... make it back for some reason, she remembers the way back to the church that once took them to the bar.

Her hand covers Spike's. It'll be a while before she tries to sleep again.
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