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"Hello, beautiful."

Taking Junior into her arms, Beth presses a kiss to the top of her head. It always kind of makes her feel good to have Junior grin like that in happy recognition and talk to her and hold out her arms, wanting to be picked up, and she doesn't think there's anything silly about that unbidden surge of loving pride it inspires in her.

Beth Junior is just about everything to her.

It's nearly time to go. It was nice -- no, it was fucking great -- to discover that Paris was standing still for them when they opened the door to check, but it's almost a case of too little too late. They're too close to turn back now and too involved to choose to suddenly pull out without a word.

A few much-needed days here had to be enough, and they've tried to make the most of the opportunity.

She's emptied out the pantry and refrigerator, throwing out everything that had gone bad. Spike had helped at first, but toward the end he'd gone to hunt down some paper and write a few quick notes for them to send by owl or give to the bar before they leave. There was obviously no point in restocking the kitchen since she can predict when they'll get to come back about as accurately as she can predict where the hell she'll be in five years, but she's certainly spent enough time here in their little House of Arch apartment to know she's going to miss it even more than she did before once they've left.

Passing through the archway and into their bedroom, she stops close enough behind Spike as he writes that Junior can hold out her hand and touch him.
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